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Airpods Price in Pakistan
Are you thinking of buying AirPods, but not sure if it might be the right purchase for you, so let’s talk about it in detail. We give you our personal opinion.
Advantages and disadvantages

Fit and weight
Connection distance
Battery life and charging


Sound unimpressive
Requires charging case.
There are no volume buttons.
There is no noise cancellation.

What we love about Airpods Pro
Let’s start by telling you in more detail what I love about them:
1. Fit and weight
Since I was quite skeptical about how these Airpods Pro fit, I have to say that they are very sturdy and don’t fall off easily. You can shake your head without worrying about it falling off. They are also great when playing games. I love using them at the gym, which really adds to the comfort compared to the wired Apple AirPods Pro I’ve used before.

I also ran a 10k race where they stayed solid in my ears and they are very light which is really comfortable. Plus, they actually fit in your ears, which is a huge plus compared to wireless Airpods Pro from Beats by Dre and Xiaomi that also claim to fit in your ears. Both kept falling out of my girlfriend’s ears, but these AirPods Pro sound great.
2. Connection distance
I have used various bluetooth devices and I am actually very impressed with the connection distance of these Airpods Pro. When I’m at work, I regularly just leave my phone on the desk and walk into other rooms and continue listening to music without connection issues. The reach is much longer than the wireless Airpods Pro and speakers I’m used to.
3. Battery life and charging
My experience with battery life has been great so far. When the earbuds run out of power, they charge fairly quickly inside the charging case. The charging case itself also charges quickly. So I’ve never actually encountered a situation where my battery is completely dead. And I love the fact that you can still charge the charging case while using the earbuds. The big advantage of the case is that the Airpods Pro stay on the go.
4. Shortcuts
Before buying, I went to an Apple store, where the employee explained the features. With a double tap on the right earbud to skip a song and a double tap on the left earbud to rewind a song, I really wanted to get these earbuds. The ear detection function is also very handy, stopping the music when you remove one earbud.
5. Design
I already liked the minimalist design of the previous AirPods Pro and I like that they have kept the same simplistic style. It looks and feels good, and the same goes for the charging case. And when you order them through Apple, they also offer a free service that lets you engrave your name on the case, which I think is pretty cool.

Now the question is what is the price of AirPods Pro. AirPods Pro can be expensive, the retail price of AirPods Pro in Pakistan is around Rs. 35,000 to 40,000 rupees However, prices may vary depending on the retailer and current exchange rate.
Airpods Price in Pakistan For Android
Airpods price in Pakistan for android may vary depending on the specific model, configuration and bundle you choose. The standard AirPods model is available for around 20,000 pesos, while the AirPods Pro model is available for around 35,000 pesos.
Iphone airpods price in pakistan
The price of iphone airpods in Pakistan can vary depending on the specific model, configuration, and bundle you choose. The standard iphone airpods model is available for around PKR 20,000, while the iphone airpods Pro model is available for around PKR 35,000.

Remember that these are just rough estimates, and prices may vary depending on the specific model, configuration, and bundle you choose. In order to find the best deal on iPhone AirPods in Pakistan, you should always do your own research and compare prices from multiple retailers.
Airpods 2 price in pakistan
Airpods 2 price in Pakistan is around 36000. Now AirPods 2 will change the way you use headphones forever. Whenever you take your AirPods 2 out of the charging case, they instantly turn on and connect to your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac.
Airpods 3 price in pakistan
Currently the price of Android 3 in Pakistan is 43990. Its value may also change depending on the dollar.