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Smart Watch Price in Pakistan
esquare store brings some of the most affordable smartwatches to its customers in Pakistan. You can buy from our Esquare Store or visit our outlet in Lahore. We offer free delivery with cash on delivery service all over Pakistan.

Smartwatches are gaining popularity in Pakistan, so the smart watch price in pakistan may vary depending on their model. More young people now prefer smartwatches to traditional watches. All youngsters understand the importance of gadgets, and we believe that a wristwatch should do more than just tell the time.
Types of smartwatches
Samsung Smart Watch Price in Pakistan
Samsung offers a wide range of smartwatches in Pakistan, catering to different budgets and preferences. Prices may vary depending on the model and the features it offers. Entry-level Samsung smartwatches can be found for as low as PKR 10,000, while high-end models with premium features can go up to PKR 80,000 or more.
Apple Smart Watch Price in Pakistan
If you’re in Pakistan and considering buying an Apple smartwatch, it’s important to understand its price range and the value it brings to your wrist.
Apple Smart Watch Series 6
The latest addition to Apple’s lineup is the Apple Smart Watch Series 6. Packed with advanced health and fitness tracking capabilities, this smartwatch comes in a variety of models and price points. The Apple Smart Watch Series 6 price range in Pakistan starts from PKR 50,000 and goes up to PKR 100,000, depending on the model and additional features you choose.
Apple SmartWatch SE
For those looking for a more budget-friendly option without compromising on essential features, the Apple Smart Watch SE is a great choice. With a starting price of around PKR 30,000, this smartwatch offers many of the same features as the Series 6 but at a more affordable price.
Huawei Smart Watch Price in Pakistan
The Huawei Smart Watch seamlessly combines style and substance. Its elegant design with dynamic display makes it a fashionable accessory for any occasion. Whether you’re in a business meeting or hitting the gym, this smartwatch will complement your outfit perfectly. The Huawei Smart Watch starts at PKR 8000.
mi smart watch price in Pakistan
The mi Smart Watch starts at PKR 7000. The Mi Smart Watch offers a wide range of features that cater to your everyday needs. From tracking your steps, heart rate, and sleep patterns to monitoring your workout sessions and providing real-time notifications, this smartwatch keeps you connected and informed throughout the day.
Oppo smart watch price in Pakistan
The Oppo Smart Watch offers a perfect blend of style and functionality, making it an excellent choice for tech enthusiasts and fashion-conscious individuals alike. The Oppo Smart Watch starts at PKR 10000. With its attractive design, impressive features, and competitive price point, this smartwatch is a standout in the market.
t500 smart watch price in Pakistan
The T500 smartwatch is reasonably priced, making it an affordable option for those looking for a feature-rich wearable device. The price of the T500 in Pakistan is 2000. It offers excellent value for money, considering its wide array of features and functionalities.
What is the smart watch price in pakistan and why should you buy a smartwatch?
Popular brands like Apple and Samsung smartwatches are very popular in Pakistan but not everyone can afford them due to their high cost. So there are some brands in Pakistan that provide the best smartwatch at a low price, their price depends on factors like their features and design. These brands include TWS.
When your phone vibrates, you need to check your phone. You can view notifications on your wrist, dismiss notifications, and even read SMS and Whatsapp messages with your smartwatch. What’s more, many smartwatches now allow you to accept and reject calls from your wrist, and you can even make calls directly from the watch.
A new design every day
The smartwatch has dynamic watch faces with several preset configurations. You can change the watch’s face and layout whenever you want. This means that you can put a new design on the same watch whether it’s going out with friends or a formal meeting at work. With a smartwatch, you can see your wrist in a new way every day.
Keeping track of fitness and health
Nowadays, more and more smartwatches are being developed with a focus on fitness. Thanks to smartwatches, many users report that they are able to track their daily active lives and make adjustments to make better choices. Many of these devices let you track steps, monitor calorie burn, and report your daily walk or run. Many of them also allow for heart rate monitoring and oxygen sensors, which can help fitness enthusiasts.
Music on the go
High-end smartwatches allow you to download music to your device, which means you can listen to music right on your wrist.
Battery life
More modern watches now allow for longer battery life. Some claim up to 14 days of battery life. This advantage is mainly due to the smaller screen size compared to mobile phones.